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The Basics

Product Description
Rational iCombi Pro XS Electric Combination Oven

The very new standard from Rational that uses 2/3 GN pans

Capacity (grids)
External depth (mm)
External height (mm)
External width (mm)
Power rating (kw)
Power type
Electric 3 Phase
Temperature range (deg c)
30 - 300
Weight (kg)

Product Description
Rational iCombi Pro XS Electric Combination Oven

The very new standard from Rational that uses 2/3 GN pans

Completely re-designed, offering the best in combination cooking and delivering consistently great food.

Intuitive operating concept, that runs throughout the production process with visual imagery, logical work steps and clear, interactive instructions. So that everyone can work error-free from the start.

The iCooking Suite knows the way to your desired cooking result and produces it time and time again. With excellent quality. You can also intervene at any time during the cooking process, or switch from a single, to a mixed load. This is freedom, this is flexibility.

The iProduction Manager plans production processes and indicates which foods are best cooked together. Streamlines processes, saves time, energy and money.

iDensity Control, More fan wheels, optimised cooking cabinet shape,increased de-humidification performance all mean up to 50% larger loads and even better food quality and higher productivity.

The key value is energy-efficiency. This is why the iCombi Pro has been tested by the strictest certification programme. In reel world tests saving 10% water and electricity uses on it predecessor. The SCC units were already leading class.

A clean unit in approx 12 minutes, this can only be done by the iCombi Pro. Even the standard clean saves 50% in time and
cleaner. Stay clean, less downtime, more productive time.

The integrated WiFi-interfaces means the iCombi Pro connects easily both to the Internet and to your smartphone in order to connect with Connected Cooking. For more convenience, security and inspiration.

Take a look at our Spec sheet below for more details.

The iCombi Pro can be delivered free* of charge to any UK address (exceptions apply).

To order this Oven or if you need help choosing an oven which is suitable for your catering equipment needs, give us a call on 08450669966 or request a call back and we can talk you through your best options.

Rational Concentrate on the essentials.
They focus on cooking, and only on cooking.
From the very start, they have concentrated on transferring heat energy to all types of food and are experts in this field. Only by doing this and by working in close cooperation with their customers have they managed to develop their products and set new standards.

By connecting to their customers worldwide, trusting in the experience and skills of chefs all over the world and implementing the technical knowledge and skills of their physicists, engineers and nutritionists have been able to pursue their idea of hot food preparation.
Variations: Single Phase, 3 Phase
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