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Combi Plus & Pro by HOBART

With the next generation of Hobart Combination Oven you can take advantage of a number of benefits including consistent quality results, total flexibility of use for a versatile and stress-free kitchen, and increased profitability with optimised energy consumption, reduced costs and less wastage.
  • Energy usage reduced by 30% with a smaller boiler and unique Ecothermic heat recovery system
  • Production capacity increased and fast cooking achieved with an unlimited number of programmable recipes transferred via USB stick
  • Convection, steam and combination modes suited for any style of cooking, including complex recipes for optimum flexibility
  • Designed around the user, with intuitive touch control and advanced self-cleaning programme for ease of use
  • Consistent, even cooking temperatures and multi level cooking with 2 core temperature probes to produce perfect results every time




Key Features

  • Saves up to 15% in energy and water with automatic adjustment of water depending on the temperature required and quantity of food being cooked
  • Temperature precision guaranteed with heating power adapted to match the load being cooked
  • Perfect, consistent results with uniform browning of food with auto reversing fans and AIRDRY funtion to ensure crispness and moisture
  • Intuitive to use with FastPad touchscreen panel and quick, simple access to a variety of pre-programmed recipes
  • Essential functions doubled with TWINCONTROL to ensure an operational oven at all times
  • Convenient automatic cleaning and descaling system, programmable to start at a time that suits you