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How To Save Energy In The Kitchen...What Every Caterer Needs To Know

The move over recent years towards energy efficiency, resulting in the ECA Scheme, the Climate Change Levy and the Kyoto Agreement, has made energy efficient kitchen equipment even more important to caterers. This is particularly so in the case of refrigeration, as the refrigerator is one of the few pieces of equipment in the kitchen that uses energy 24/7, 365 days a year.

Now, as businesses experience increased costs for their gas and electricity, the search for energy-saving equipment has stepped up a gear. Foster recommends that you download a copy of the Green Papers for yourself.  You can e-mail or call 0500 691122 for further information.

The ECA Scheme

Claim up-front tax relief on your capital spending!

The ECA Scheme (also known as the Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme) provides up-front tax relief for businesses that invest in energy-efficient equipment. With effect from 2003, the Scheme, which already covers many refrigerated display cabinets and compressors, was extended to cover selected upright refrigerated cabinets and freezers.

Under the Scheme, businesses can claim up-front tax relief on their capital spending on designated energy-saving plant and machinery. The Scheme aims to encourage businesses to invest in energy-saving equipment to help reduce their energy use, leading to lower carbon emissions. It is an integral part of the Climate Change Levy programme that has been introduced to help the UK reduce its carbon emissions under the Climate Change Act 2008, with a legally binding target of 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from 1990-2050.

For a full list of Foster products available on the ECA Scheme please download the Foster ECA Green Paper here